Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I wasn't in great shape when I started boot camp and I'm not in great shape now that I've finished boot camp, but I'm better off than I was when I started.

I have lost 7 pounds.

I can fit into one smaller dress size, but my regular size is still wearable. Everything just fits MUCH better and some items are downright loose. This makes me very happy.

I haven't tested myself to see if I can run a mile without having to stop and walk yet.

Even though boot camp wrapped up on Friday, we were supposed to go for Performance Tests on Monday morning, but I was out of town and couldn't make my AM class. I told uber-instructor Kari that I'd be at the PM class to do the PTs with that group, but at 6:30opm it was still 103 degrees outside and there was no way I could do a boot camp in that kind of weather.

I knew they'd put us through the opening warm up exercises before doing the PT's which not only consisted of running the mile, but doing sit ups and push ups. We were to compare our post boot camp results with our results from day one...remember that day? It was raining and I said I felt like G.I. Jane. Pffft!

Instead, Andres will time my mile and count my sit ups and push ups for me. Emily will re-measure me and I'll post those results.

Over the weekend I tried to stay on my eating plan and did pretty well until we hit a great steakhouse in Kansas City Sunday night for din din. I had an 8 oz rib eye and it was delicious, but omg I was full.

Monday morning Andres and I got up at 6am and went on our 11 mile bike ride around the lake.

I saw all the cars in the lake's parking lot...all those boot campers out there somewhere sweating and dying. Not me!

After the ride I got out my yoga mat and did my core exercises, 180 different kinds of sit ups and planks and by 7:15am I was getting ready for work!

I had my boot camp fare all day...keeping to the six small meals plan. I felt good about all of it!

I also felt a sense of potent relief when I was riding around the lake. "I don't have to get up and go to boot camp anymore!" But I also felt a sense of paranoia...worry...constant fretting..."I don't want to lose what I've gained".

That bike ride didn't seem strenuous enough. I wasn't dying at the end of it. I found myself wanting to do more. I think when the weather cools off a bit I might try adding a little run into my day. We'll see how it goes.

Andres and I went out to a fried chicken joint with Andrea (his daughter) and her family last night. I removed skin from the chicken I ate, but then ate some of it anyway and I had 10 pieces of fried okra. I feel terribly guilty about this. Andrea and I talked about this paranoia and the word "eating disorder" came up. LOL Well, I don't about becoming anorexic or anything *looks at hips* anorexia in my future, but I DO have an anxiety about eating.

This morning Andres and I did not get up and do our ride, so tonight when I get home I'll be hopping on the old elliptical. I haven't been on that since boot camp started, so it will be interesting to see how much more I can do on it now.

I want to do the mile run in the morning. That's really gnawing at me. Must get that done.

Boot camp wasn't fun for me, but I'm glad I did it. Someone at work asked why I was doing it. "You won't be able to maintain that level of intensity on your own." he said.

I agreed and knew as much going in, but what I DO have is a new perspective on what a work out should be...COULD be. My stamina is up and I've become accustomed to wonderful new eating habits.

My eating habits before boot camp were horrible. I pray I never go back to that. I won't be as strict on my eating as I was during boot camp, but I'll be MUCH better than I was before boot camp.

My new goal is to lose another 3 pounds to make it an even 10 pounds down.

After I reach that goal...I'll set a new one.

Final Analysis: Boot camp was good for me. I suppose the difficult things usually DO end up being good for you in the end. I would recommend at least one tour of duty to my friends.

Andrea and Jaimie plan to "re-enlist" in the fall. Jaimie invited me to join her.