Monday, November 24, 2008

They Say It's Yer Burfday!

So there's this little kid in my life who is absolutely the most infectious person ever. I just adore this kid.

His name is Riley.

Isn't he adorable?

Riley celebrated his first birthday on Saturday and he had his own little cake to enjoy. After a year of being told NOT to play with your food the well behaved one year old can be reluctant to tear into a cake placed before him. In this picture he paused as if to say, "What's the catch?" But his dad Kevin and his uncle Andy kept miming cake destruction and soon Sir Riley was convinced and dug in.

I don't think he was able to down as much chocolate as he might have imagined he could. He ate one and a half ears, sort of, and then was pretty much finished.
I don't have a good picture of it, (Darn the lousy photo quality of my iPhone!) but Riley DID end up with chocolate all over his face, thus passing the rite of One Year Old-dom.
So Happy Birthday to Little Riley Bo-Biley.
You might be Expert/Mentor/Boyfriend's grandson, but you're pretty special to me and I love you very much.

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Son Rocks!

Zak is so awesome. I mean...he's just this really cool young man and I watch him doing his thing and I think, wow...what a neat guy. Is that really my baby??? I love him. I really do. Here's his picture.

He's the big guy with the beard. I know he looks like he's 28, but he's only 17. He's funny, but he's serious about his funny-ness.
He was a contestant and an emcee for his high school talent show last night. And let me tell you, high school talent shows aren't what they used to be. These kids are SERIOUS! I had a high quality night of entertainment for just 6 bucks admission!
They just blew me away. But my son...he's a musician/comedian type of guy. He's been acting since he was in the second grade (Children's Theater) and now in high school. He's made movies since he was in the 8th grade...silly, weird movies that I just don't understand. Well, most of them anyway. He's serious about drama and comedy and movies.
I, being from the 80's and a family that wouldn't even understand that such things COULD involve seriousness, am finding it amazing that his focus could result in such skill. He stood on that stage with his friend. They both had their guitars and they did this humorous bit about robots who killed all the humans. Timing...superb. Facial expressions...priceless. I was just so surprised at how funny they were.
People who saw me snapping pictures turned around and told me how good he was. "Thank you, thank you." I said, beaming!And they won first place in the group category!The overall winner trophy went to a pair of salsa dancers that just blew everyone away. I! They could compete on some of those dance shows. And they were so TINY!!!
Okay...just establishing that my son is awesome and I am very proud of him.
You may continue about your day.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Personal Stuff

Okay, I dedicated this blog to my wood flooring business, which is going wonderfully, by the way, but something has happened which could result in me writing more personal life stories here.

My personal diary site crashed taking more than 5 years worth of entries with it. Those entries are gone forever. It's a little sad for me, but I also don't have anywhere else to rattle on about my life. This is a very therapeutic thing for me, so it's an issue. I may be writing more personal stuff here until I find a new diary home. Or not. I don't know.

As you can see by the date of my last posting it's been about two months since I last posted an entry about All Wood Flooring.

Shame on me! It's not that things have been stagnant. Just the opposite! We've been quite busy!

I still haven't taken pictures of our new truck and truth be told, this is why I haven't written. I wanted my next entry to have a picture of the truck with me and the Expert/Mentor/Boyfriend standing beside it looking like we just bagged a bear or something, but apparently taking a picture with the truck (clean) is beyond us, picture. Bleh.

I have stolen this picture of the truck from a Google Image Search site, but you'll have to imagine it in white. Champagne is the closest I could get to white.

We bought it over the Labor Day weekend. It's a white, 2008 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab with a long bed. It's beautiful and I love it. Alas, I cannot drive it. IT'S TOO BIG!!!

I had to drive it to a Taco Bell drive-through one night (it was raining) and OMG could they make those little curvy pass throughs more narrow, curvy??? I'M WORKING WITH A LONG BED HERE, PEOPLE!!!

I honestly didn't think we'd make it out of the drive through drive way. My daughter thought it was funny.

I have not driven the truck again. It is Expert/Mentor/Boyfriend's truck. He can drive it. He likes driving it. He drives it with authority. I like that in an Expert/Mentor/Boyfriend.

Okay...he looks good in the truck. We've established that.

Business is going well. I just figured up gross revenue and payroll and business expenses and came up with our 3rd quarter gross profit. It's not bad! I mean, i was all excited when I saw the gross revenue and then le Boyfriend told me to calm down and subtract all the business expenses.

Um...yeah, that does put a damper on things. But the profit margin is still very healthy, especially for a fledgling business and I'll be candid and tell you people that I apparently became quite comfortable with the idea of paying myself during the month of October. (I figured up October too) I am going to try to be more frugal during November.

I promise.

But I DO have to get the truck wrapped and that's going to cost about 2,500.00 right there, so...

but it's a business expense so it's okay. Right?

Okay, personal stuff....Last night, I got mad at Expert/Mentor/Boyfriend about something I had no business getting mad about, but we have history and sometimes things just leave raw spots you don't even know are there and then one day Expert/Mentor/Boyfriend makes, what to him is an innocent joke, and the next thing he knows I'm FAHLIPPING OUT!!!

That's what happened last night. I apologized the next morning. I did. He didn't mean anything bad. He was just being himself, but I must say that something about it really DID get me because I was extremely ticked off, so, maybe it bears some reflection. I dunno.

It must be noted that in the arena of personal improvement...Expert/Mentor/Boyfriend handled the matter much differently than he would have done a month ago. He did not blow up back at me. He did not treat me to an unhealthy dose of the silent treatment. He's turning over a new leaf and stuff. It's easy to turn over leaves when things are running smoothly. It's not so easy when those old rough patches inevitably come along, but he handled it gracefully. I'm glad on many levels for this and I think it bodes well for us.

Everyone messes's how you handle yourself once you realize you've made a mistake that tells people who you are.

I'll try to keep the personal stuff to a dull roar around here...heh, just like I'll TRY not to pay myself so much money during the month of November. lol