Thursday, July 9, 2009


The fact that I am in a foul mood might affect my perception of boot camp today.

Jaimie left an irritatingly chipper note on my wall indicating that she thought boot camp was good today.


Well, Jaimie, if by "good" you mean they gave us a good working over, I say Yes, boot camp today was excellent. Magnificent, even.

Lots of cardio and leg work today. I think the bear crawl (walking on your hands and feet) has surpassed jump rope as my most hated thing to do at boot camp. And it was hard enough doing the bear crawl going forward, but seriously....did they HAVE to make us do it backward too?

To say I was struggling with the backward bear crawl would be an understatement. It was so bad that Uber-instructor Kari got down beside me and was yelling at me that I could, indeed do it.

I tried. I really did and I got to the end of the backward bear crawl part and started on the second bear crawl forward stretch, but halfway through...I swear I was going to fall on my face.

Kari was showing this other girl, who seems to always need adapted exercises, a modified version of the bear crawl. I guess this girl has some condition or something, but anyhoo....Kari was showing this girl a version of the bear crawl where you're standing on two legs and taking large, lunge type strides. I stood up and started doing that. I think Kari started to tell me to get back down, but she must have changed her mind. Maybe seeing my beet red face changed it for her. Who can know these things?

Shout out to Miss Chipper Jaimie for doing the bear crawl all the way through!

I feel kind of bad about this bear crawl thing. I mean there were good things that happened today. For instance, for the first time in my LIFE I did push ups the regular way...not on my knees and I felt great about that...surprised at myself and great, but this bear crawl failure. It colors everything.

I can't bear crawl for long lengths of time.

woe is me.

okay...see, writing things out always gives me a good perspective. Who cares if I can't bear crawl. I did my best, right?

Right. more day and guess what? I'm going to my high school reunion. Yep, I'll be up for Boot Camp in the morning and by 1pm I'll be in Seminole, Oklahoma decorating for the reunion. I can't wait to see everyone.

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