Monday, July 6, 2009

BOOT CAMP: DAY 14 OF WORKOUTS. (last week of camp)

Well, I made the most of my splurge meal this past weekend. Andres' daughter always has a 4th of July party at her house and I knew lots of good food would be on hand, so I stayed on my dietary track until that blessed event.

Oh the humanity.

There were burgers and ribs and potato salad and Greek salad and cookies and two desserts and beer.

It was sheer heaven and I enjoyed every bit of what I ate.

We had fun with everyone who was at Andrea's house. A big shout out to Andrea and Kevin for hosting everyone again. boot campers had to get back on program after three days of no classes. I did workouts each of those three days off. We have to do it for homework or else we get "encouragement". So I wasn't too out of it, however I was nervous about what would be in store for us.

I was right to worry.

Kari had us doing sprints and lots of core bodywork in between sprints. Lots of planks.

It was hard and I did my absolute best on everything she asked us to do which means I spent the entire time feeling like I couldn't do the next thing asked of me, but I did it anyway. I guess I know that since this is my last week, it's my last chance to make the most of this experience. One more week will definitely make a difference in my final results if I'm busting my hump to the max.

But I'm paying for it today. The lower half of my bod is extremely sore. And my quads...
I didn't realize how taxing the sprints were, but toward then end when we did our core workout I had to do slow bicycles with my legs while laying on my back and my quads started immediately twitching and they felt weird. It was a very odd feeling and scared me a bit, but I kept at it and the quivering stopped.

I hope the soreness goes away before tomorrow morning's boot camp excursion.

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