Friday, June 27, 2008

A Hectic WOO HOO

I have just submitted the invoice for my company's second job. The contractor was happy with our work, his main office had all the papers they needed from me to pay me AND...they have asked us to bid on another job, so WOO HOO. (hence the title of this entry)

Oops, I forgot our Hardwood Centerfold of the day. Behold the Medallion.

Nice, huh? These are great for making a statement either in an entry way or a large room that will have a large open area. Of course they come in various sizes and designs. This is a pretty standard design. They can get fairly intricate. Hang on...let me go find something else for you to admire.

How do you like that? That would be a custom job, but there are pre-made medallions you can have installed.

Okay...hectic...this new biz is turning into a full time job!
I received a notice from the state tax commission last weekend telling me that my right to do business as a corporation in Oklahoma has been revoked because they didn't get my franchise tax report.

Um, I paid my accountants good money to file that report, so I called them. They swear that a new filing system enacted by the commission is to blame because they sent in the forms. I know they filled out the forms because I signed them. forward to today. I'm at my regular job and have nothing to do, so I decided to take my lunch break and go check out the job we just finished for the contractor. I couldn't get into the house, so I peeked through windows and called the client to make sure he was happy with our work. He was and said he wanted us to bid on another project. WOO HOO!!!

Since he was happy, I told him I would run an invoice over to his company's office, so I left the property and drove to their offices. While enroute my accountant called and told me he had new papers for me to sign for the tax commission. I told him I'd be there in 30 minutes. So I dropped off the invoice at the contractors, and then drove even further across town to sign the papers. (I'm keeping track of mileage)

Turns out they wanted ME to send the papers to the tax commission myself *humpf* and advised me to send it certified mail AND I had to attach a check for 15 smackaroos to pay the reinstatement fee. Talk about total B.S.! But the letter my young accountant attached to the new papers DID outline a strong case that it is the Tax Commission's mistake and not anyone elses, so...I decided not to ask said young man to pay the reinstatement fee. I can take that up with the state. And I will. You can't even get through to talk to someone in the commission office. They have a recording that constantly tells you their call load is high and advises you to "call back later". *humpf again*

Determined to get this taken care of, I drove home to get my business checks, then I drove to the post office and mailed that sucker off to the bleeping Tax Commission certified mail. TAKE THAT!

And then...finally...I drove back to work. I was many errands to run just to do biz in my beloved OKC. I had no idea the Tax Commission was so determined to put entrepreneurs out of business.

I'm going to call them about that 15 dollars too...that is, if I can ever get through.

Have a great weekend and DO consider a medallion or design in your floor.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Okay everybody...our second job is in full swing!!!

But's hard wood flooring centerfold.

Isn't this beautiful? It's a herringbone pattern. I have something similar in my dining room.

Okay...if you want a beautiful herringbone floor in your home...leave a message! Now back to our story.

I really love doing this. We're working for a contracting company. They called us to help them out with an insurance project they have going on. This house suffered smoke damage from a fire in March. The company that called us works with insurance claims and other renovation work.
Apparently the flooring guy they usually use wasn't doing something right. Not quite sure what the deal is there...they weren't too gabby with the details, but anyway...they call needing someone to do the floors in about a week and a half and can you start, like, tomorrow?

Turns out we could start the day after tomorrow're welcome.

Wait...I didn't get a thank you. What I got was a call from their corporate office (which, considering the size of the company has a TON of office personnel) asking me to come by and pick up a sub-contractors packet which includes a handbook and forms for me to sign.

"We can't pay you without those signed forms." Says the woman on the phone.

Um...okay, guess I'll come get the packet, but I'm also thinking..."you called us and asked us for help. I should be having you sign a bunch of stuff." But I only require one signature on the estimate sheet where they agree to pay me, so my needs are minimal. However, I am trying to come up with extra "requirements" and more forms for people to sign as we speak. (or, as I type and as you read...whatever)

I picked up the packet and I read the handbook that very evening in the comfy privacy of my dark, dark den. The introduction explains that this handbook is to outline what will be expected of me as a subcontractor for this company and what they will do for me in return.

The part that covers what they'll do for me was less than one page.
ALLLLLLLLL the rest of the pages were about what I'll do for them. It irked me a little bit.

I had my own personal flooring veteran read it. I had to make sure I told him to read ALL of it because if I know him, he'll scan the first page...flip through the rest and call it good. I needed his input on it and so it was vital he read all of it. I depend on him SOOOO much for guidance.

He read it all (yay) and told me there was nothing wrong with their "contract" (which is non-binding) and to sign it without fear. So I did.

I turned it in the next day and made sure they had all the proof of insurance they needed from my little company.

The manager I spoke to seemed interested in using us on a more regular basis. According to "The Handbook" subcontractors for this company are encouraged to bid on all projects offered. In return they are guaranteed to receive one out of every three projects they bid on. So that right there is a good thing because it practically guarantees work. The other side of that coin, however, requires that we make their jobs a priority in our scheduling.

Okay...I guess I can understand that, but I started this business out of a desire to be my own boss and this feels a bit like I'll be working for them. Oh well, I suppose every client I have will be my boss, so what the heck, right?

And again, this contract isn't legal or anything. It's just that if we don't abide by the "requirments" they can stop using us.

They also want us to leave the workplace clean at the end of each work day. No cussing, No drunkards, no druggies, no loud music, don't speak to the property owners except to say "hello" or something like that. Don't use the restrooms at the property. If a portapotty isn't set up your contractor will tell you where to do your biz. Don't try to work out deals with the property owners for other projects, don't put your sign in the yard, um...oh there was other stuff, but our crews already do all those things, so it's all good.

I'm a little nervous about this job. I can act all blase' about whether or not they want to use us regularly, but it's nice to be liked and I want them to like the work we do. I want ALL of our clients to be happy with every aspect of our work. I LOVE going to the job site to see the progress being made by our crews.
I got to meet the property owner over the weekend. The project manager was out of town and asked me to help her choose a stain color. The home owners are very nice people who've had a terrible year so far. I hope their house is restored the way they need it to be.

I have found out something about myself....I'm BIG on communication. Maybe it's because I'm new, but I sweat the details and I always want to make sure I got a piece of information right. I don't hesitate to call with new scheduling information or to ask a question of my client.

On Friday I apologized to the project manager for calling him so much.

He said, "That's okay with me! It lets me know things are getting done."


I really hope they're happy with us. Not that it will be the end of the world if they aren't, but still...

Okay...that's all on the job front.

I should have a check from this gig by the 4th of July. WOO HOO!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

So Tagged, So Cool

Okay, so I've been tagged to do this little five question survey doo dad. I'm late doing this and the rules say I have to tag six other people, but I only know two bloggers here and they've already done this, so I think I'm going to find some random bloggers and see if they'll do it.

Here Are the Rules: Answer the following questions about yourself. At the end of the post you pass on the questions to 6 other bloggers and list their names. Then write them a comment telling them that they've been tagged and ask them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know that you've accepted the challenge and refer to your post.

1. What did you do 10 years ago?
Ah...1998. I was working as a news anchor and reporter at the ABC affiliate in a northeast Tennessee market. I was wrapping up my station's year long coverage of a horrible story about a group of teenagers that shot an entire family along a country road and left them in a ditch. The family was young, the oldest child was a girl named Tabitha. She was six years old and had long blonde hair...she was small for her age. Her little brother, Peter, was 2 years old. The teens lined the family up in a shallow ditch and shot the husband first, then the mother, then the boy and then the girl. I didn't think I had been able to tell the entire story of this crime during the time my station gave me during each newscast over the past year, so I asked them if I could put together a documentary about the crime and the criminals...who these teens were...where they came from. My stations said yes, but I'd have to do it on my own time. They'd only air it for me. I worked nights and weekends to get it done. I wrote it and edited it and held my breath when it aired. It won the Tennessee Associated Press Best Documentary. I loved doing that story. Two years later I would get a job that let me do documentaries full time.

2. Five items on your to-do list today:
Oh what a hard day I have lined up. I HAVE to go out to lunch with my sweety and his beautiful children for Father's Day. (we already went, but I'm acting like it is yet to happen because it's part of my list) After a fun lunch, I HAVE to visit with said children and way adorable grandchildren. Then I HAVE to make a mousse for my sweety to enjoy. (I always make Mousse for him on any holiday, but it's especially important he have it on Father's Day and his birthday.) Oh...I also HAD to go to the flea market with him this morning just because I didn't want him to have to go alone. Yeah...he so enjoys my company. lol And then tonight I HAVE to go to his son's house for a yummy enchilada dinner. Yep...I'm having a rough day. (I love Father's Day!!!)

3. Snacks I enjoy?
I enjoy Trailmix, but trailmix has an ungodly amount of calories and fat. (They have the kind with the m & m's in it in our work vending machine) So I don't get trailmix. I um....will have a cereal bar around 3pm when I'm at work. I guess I don't really snack too much.

4. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
First I would pay off your home and your cars. (Andrea and Jaimie) I would fund any new business you wanted to undertake. I'd put aside money for my son to chase his dream of being a hot shot film maker. I'd make him get a complete education at Uof C San Diego. I would NOT fun a turn at the New York Film Academy until after he'd gotten his degree. I want him to have that degree, darn it! I'd buy some land and build a large house with plenty of room for company and office and....anything else I can think of. I would travel every chance I could with the kids. I'd establish a fund to support worthwhile causes to make the world a better place. I'd buy great art. My daughter would still have to clean her room and pay for her first car, but she'd have really great clothes! lol And I would make sure she got to attend the college of her choice. She wants to be the next Donald Trump. Okay...I could go on and on, so I'll stop. Oh...I'd buy a house for my parents wherever they wanted to live and provide for all their expenses so my mom can stop working.

5. Places I would live:
I plan to live here the rest of my life. I love OKC, but if I ever felt the need to leave, I'd try to relocate to New York City if I could find a job that would pay da bills.

Now i have to figure out who to tag. Excuse me while I go find some unsuspecting victims. bwahaha!!!